Grubs And Grooves

Fun interview revolving Catalina's second passion, cooking. Grubs and Grooves get a little inside scoop of Catalina's life as a musician and foodie. From Chilean Cuisine, to Strange Eats, to favorite food TV shows, and more!



"Nashville’s Chilean sweetheart, Catalina, is a unique artist that flew under the radar with her soulful charm. No pressure, but we’re really excited to see what Catalina has in store for us this year. The world needs a little more soul, a little more culture, and a lot more love and positivity, and Catalina has just enough of all of that, for all of us."

Kentucky Music Preview Podcast

A conversation with Dusty about all things music, kentucky, bourbon, basketball and fried chicken.

"It was very nice to be able to talk to the artist (...) I do appreciate the geniuness of it and just, you know, the connection of it. Listening to your music, You do have a nice wide range. I found myself checking my phone to see if it had flipped over to a radio but no, it was still you and your voice! Just your range of styles and everything that you bring; I found myself bobbing along to the songs."

East Off 8th Music Video Premiere

"Catalina’s rich vocals resonate over tropical rhythms and brightly shimmering guitar licks as we gaze on the Pacific coasts of Chile, fly over the Andes, and soar across the Chilean countryside."

Nashville Offbeat

"If you only listen to one song by Catalina, this should be the one.  Through tight latin beats, storytelling lyrics, and soaring guitar lines, Catalina’s latest release titled “Blood, Sweat, Tears” tells you about heritage, purpose, and the realization that home lives inside of you.  This is a song that embodies Catalina as a songwriter, highlights her band’s strengths, and shows that this is a group of musicians who can pull together the perfect team to make a masterful and beautiful recording."