Catalina's mesmerizing vocal prowess is showcased through her soulful writing and ever expanding soundscape. Born and raised in Santiago, this Chilean artist's debut album "In The Midst Of A War" encapsulates her latin influenced Pop/RnB sound and has been in rotation on over 90 non-commercial radio stations across the country. 

At the age of 5, and thanks largely to her parents love for music, Catalina began her life-long romance with singing. With her early childhood being influenced by the sounds of Motown, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Michael Jackson and Madonna it's no surprise that by the time she turned 12 she had begun writing her own music. She picked up the guitar and began laying the foundation for a music career that would push the limits of her genre and expand her realm of possibilities. Today her musical palette is virtually limitless, drawing inspiration from empowering females artists like Adele, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, all the way to indie bands like Young The Giant, Manchester Orchestra, HAIM, and Alabama Shakes, by way of Latin artists like Natalia Lafourcade, Carla Morisson, and fellow Chilean, Mon Laferte.

Catalina uses her powerhouse vocals and wildly talented backing band to intertwine her passion for genre-bending music with her inspirations that remain rooted in soulful Pop/RnB with a hint of Latina flare to remind her of home. She blends these different tonalities together in a way that uniquely emphasizes her versatility and musicianship.

No one will lend you their ears unless you are being honest. People turn to music because it keeps them company through their every day, and their every experience, both bitter and sweet.
— Catalina

The honesty of her music and lyrics is hard to miss, but it doesn't stop there. When she takes the stage Catalina bares her soul to all who will accept it; her playful eye-contact, expressive face, and ferocious dance moves leaving nothing unsaid. Her original sound and ability to capture an audience has been showcased at legendary venues like The Bitter End in NYC, the New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas, and Red Gorilla Music Fest at South by Southwest.

Catalina is gearing up to release more new music in the coming months. Her new tunes seek to continue building on her signature style while maintaining the honesty of her previous works. Prepare yourself to get to know the whole Catalina; the woman, daughter, sister, wife, immigrant, lover, fighter and Chilean.